Owner's Testimonial

Gina Cuellar also known as "Jez" is an entrepreneur, mother and volunteer worker. She helps run her family business of 36 years at L.A. Designs in Vernon, CA where Jez and Stela Clothing Company is located at. Started a side dog training business called Blessed Pawz to fulfill her childhood career dream from 2008-2012. Founder of The fellowship Market to help small businesses showcase and flourish. Is an active volunteer at Bell Gardens Intermediate with the Leadership Camp program as co-chair for 6th-8th grade students. Has also worked as an advisor for Set a Fire, an outreach organization for the young adults.
Gina went through PTSD and concurred the struggles of depression, detachment, anxiety, numbness, fear, anger, guilt and shame, after she was raped at age 17. Her life was turned upside down, leaving her feeling absent and not being able to understand all the reasons of “why me?”. Not knowing how to move forward and living with PTSD for 10 years, she reached out and surrendered herself to the Lord. Through her new journey, she learned how to become an overcomer and wanting to become more. She found freedom in forgiveness, obtaining her heart desires in her blessings and how a small step of obedience can make a big difference. Now she looks forward to the blessings of today and tomorrow, as she continues to grow and flourish by keeping her sight set on the Lord and sharing her story, from ashes to beauty. 
Blanca known as "Stela" is Gina's daughter and is the co-owner of Jez and Stela. She started helping at the age of 11 and helps run the shop from day to day. 
She has learned to forgive, walk in love, to be more and want more. Stela reflects what she has learned unto others. She is a beautiful blessing not just to her family but to everyone around her. Her passions are in art, film, photography and cooking. She aspires to open her own restaurant and becoming an influencer as she gets older. Her journey with the lord is flourishing beautifully and we are excited to see what he has in store for her.  She is a lighthouse to people who meet her.
Jez and Stela Clothing is a representation of their journey; from their life lessons to their joy and silly moment sayings. The journey wasn't easy but God's plan has been worth it all.
To learn more about them please contact them at gina@jezandstela.com.